Not so long ago classical music flourished in Armenia. Unfortunately today the picture is exactly the opposite. 
Due to lack of financial resources hundreds of children, young men and women have no means of developing their musical talent.

Members of the Aram Khachaturian Trio noticed this unfortunate phenomenon during their concert tours to the different regions of Armenia. They decided to give master classes to some of the children, thus helping them to a certain extent to develop their musical talent. Of course this was a drop in the ocean and far from being an ideal solution. There was a huge number of extraordinary talented children who required immediate attention.

There was an additional problem. Many of the children and youngsters did not have musical instruments (violin, cello, clarinet etc.). In fact in some of the regional music schools, cello was not taught, simply because the school could not afford to purchase the instrument. It is worth mentioning that, starting with Aram Khachaturian there have been many famous Armenian cellists.
The above mentioned unfortunate circumstances prompted us to find a radical solution to the problem. We decided to establish the Classical Music Development Foundation , find the necessary funds and without delay develop the extraordinary talents of these children.

The Classical Music Development Foundation was established in 2010 and registered with the relevant Government department. The Trustees of the Foundation are members of the A. Khachaturian Trio, namely Armine Grigoryan, Karen Kocharyan and Karen Shahgaldyan.

In September 2010, Assadour and Vivienne Guzelian, together with a large group of the ex-students of the Armenian College and Philanthropic Academy , Calcutta, India, attended a concert at the Aram Khachaturian House Museum and when they heard some of the children sponsored by the newly formed Foundation perform , contributed generously to the Classical Music Development Foundation. We wish to mention with gratitude that on that occasion Mrs. Vivienne Guzelian donated a substantial sum of money to the Foundation, which helped us to sponsor a number of new children.

Mr. Assadour Guzelian, a close friend of the late Aram Khachaturian, great supporter of the A. Khachaturian Trio and the Foundation, accepted our invitation and agreed to act as the 4th trustee of the Classical Music Development Foundation.


Find children and youngsters of poor background from different regions of Armenia and Artsakh , allocate scholarships and help them develop their musical talent.
Equip the regional music schools with instruments.
Provide children with musical instruments.
Organise events and functions aimed at encouraging the development of classical music in Armenia.

Parallel to the above activities, the A. Khachaturian Trio, in association with the C.M.D.F. is continuing to organise concert and give master classes in different regions of Armenia and Artsakh, as well as in Diaspora. For example, in May 2011 the A. Khachaturian Trio gave 3 concerts in Sydney, Australia, sponsored by the Sydney Chapter of the A.G.B.U. During their 10 day stay in Sydney, members of the Trio gave master classes to the talented Armenian music students.

Thanks to the generous donations received from benefactors, the C.M.D.F. is sponsoring a number of talented children and youngsters , who have already acclaimed fame. For example, sponsored by the Foundation, the talented violinist Lilit Mkhitaryan has been sent to Germany to attend master classes by famous violinist Diemut Poppen. Again sponsored by the Foundation, two permanent programmes are being realised at the A. Khachaturian Museum, "The Musical Salon-Surprise" and "Musical Treasures on the Screen at the Khachaturian's House".

One of the objectives of the A. Khachaturian Trio and the C.M.D.F. is to cooperate with the contemporary Armenian composers by playing their music both in Armenia as well as abroad, organising their jubilees etc. Recently the C.M.D.F. with the participation of A. Khachaturian Trio, marked the jubilees of famous Armenian composers Eduard Mirzoyan, Alexander Harutyunyan, Karen Khachaturyan and Avet Terteryan.

We are proud to announce that  E. Mirzoyan, A. Harutyunyan and S. Sarajiev are honorary members of the C.M.D.F. In the past they have always given us wise advice and guidance, and no doubt they will also do so in the future.

This appeal is addressed to the entire nation, both in Armenia, as well as Diaspora.
Help the C.M.D.F. so that it may extend its activities and save many more musical talents, who otherwise will be lost forever. It is essential, first and foremost to rebuild the ruined temple of classical music. Each one of these talented children will be the future columns of the planned reconstruction . These children will in the future become famous violinists, cellists, pianists etc., who will with pride represent Armenia worldwide.

We trust the dreams of the C. M. D. Foundation may be realised through your kind generosity.

Thanking you and with kind regards,


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